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this cameraman deserves a raise.


They did a really good job. I was thoroughly impressed with just how on point they were. I mean it’s the usual but still….I really enjoyed the camera work as well. Whoever recorded them did an amazing job with the camera angles and everything. I am pleased Woollim finally gave us the dance practice video. Now where is “Back” though!!?

My baby WooHyun did that dance! even with his injury! You go boy!


There’s a box in Dongwoo’s room. One day, Dongwoo’s mom said that she was going to throw it out but Dongwoo refused. Dongwoo’s mom asked why and he said that it has the debt that he has to pay for his whole life. Inside, there’s the receipts of what Dongwoo’s parents have bought for him and a paper written with every little thing that his parents have done for him. Dongwoo’s mom cried after that.

because his laugh is just the most precious thing ever