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He has improved tremendously and I am so proud of him. Originally slept on and forgotten he is now that hidden gem within Infinite. He’s always been my second bias out the group so now that he is getting the recognition he deserves I am truly happy. His singing is just so lovely and I like the fact that they decided to show off his vocals more. I knew that he had great vocals from the sound of his rapping, “only if they would work with him” I said. And to my surprise (well not really, he’s been singing in songs since 2010) he is singing more this time around. I just can’t get enough of this guy. I really hope that in the future he will acquire more singing parts and grow as a vocalist. I truly see him being on par with many main vocalist in the kpop realm. I just can not wait!

infinite 207/365 ∞ hoya 30/52

So here I am watching Back live from INFINITE. Just going back and reading the comments. And here are the Inspirits on each video: 

MCountdown—>  ” the best performance”

Music Back—> “best live performance”

Music Core—> “best performance!”

Inkigayo—> “best live ever!”

So my fellow Inspirits lets just all agree that their lives are just amazing. whenever they sing, wherever they go! lol